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¿Sabes cuál es la importancia de lavarse las manos?

Do you know the importance of washing your hands?

Surely you have heard at home a million times that you have to wash your hands . But having them stained with paint isn't so bad either! Well yes, although this is also true, we have to admit that Such a simple action can save us a lot of problems ; and not only to us, but also to others.

What is hidden in our hands

Although we have two eyes that allow us to observe everything around us, Our eyesight is not sharp enough to perceive things that are very small in size . Even many of our toys become invisible inside our room!

In addition to the paint stains that we have mentioned, the remains of food, the dirt and that mixture that accumulates under our nails, Our hands hide much more . And do you know what they are called? Surely our friend Sally , the flying encyclopedia, would know the answer. Does it occur to you? We'll tell you: germs.

Germs are bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoa . That is, small microorganisms that have life and that They can cause infection or disease . And what happens when this happens? Exact! That we have to stay in bed because we feel bad.

Since adults also do not always pay the attention that corresponds to washing their hands frequently, we are all exposed in some way to these microorganisms. Haven't you noticed that when one person at home gets sick, in the end everyone ends up the same? Well this is the reason, that Through hands and contact we can pass these germs from one to another .

To make it clearer, When should we wash our hands? It is mandatory after going to the bathroom or before eating or touching food, and beyond these two examples, it is also a good idea to do it whenever we see that our hands are dirty, that we are blowing our nose or coughing, if we have been with someone who we know. is sick or if we come from playing in the street.

How to wash your hands

Now that we know when to wash our hands, we just need to know how. It is not as difficult as brushing your teeth, but it is It is important to know the technique . This way we will become true experts!

First of all, you should know that It is preferable to use warm or cold water to hot water. This and the soap will be all you will need. For the latter you can choose any you have at home, although there are some so-called antibacterials with which you will ensure that these are eliminated.

You must soap both hands well , but be careful, It's not enough to just rub your palms . You should also wash the back, the fingers, between them and around the nails and under them. It is a very sheltered place where bugs can hide.

Remember to soap up during at least 20 seconds ; Otherwise, it will not be enough for the germs to die. After this time, you can return to the water to remove the soap and dry your hands with a clean towel.

Now that you know the theory of how to wash your hands, you just need to put it into practice!


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