If at home you love to follow the adventures of our little friends, then you can't miss the story of the Nadurines ! It is the first one we have created from Fun Surprises and we are completely sure that it will help your sons and daughters improve a multitude of skills while having fun. Do you want to know more details?

What story will you discover in the tale of the Nadurines?

Nuria and the story of the Nadurines

The protagonist of the story is Núria , the creator of the story herself, but at the age of 7 . One morning she woke up and saw that a ship was waiting for her. Wanting to discover new adventures, she grabbed a notebook to take notes and went straight with him.

This beautiful story is the summary of his diary, with everything he experienced and learned from nature , which of course, is accompanied by a lot of surprises, but always fun surprises in Nadur ! If you have followed its protagonists, the Nadurines, you will know that they are, along with their Toris, the inhabitants of this small place. Darwin is the best known of all, as is his love of carrots, which is also present in the story!

Always smiling and full of hope to achieve a better planet for everyone, they have had to face many challenges and obstacles to be able to continue with their mission . Learning to take care of our friend nature and all the species that inhabit it is not an easy task, but it is an obligation that corresponds to each and every human. Thanks to the simple explanations, you will discover how you can do it!

In addition, you will be able to get to know each of the Nadurines and their Toris in depth . Their personalities, the history of their names... And a lot of secrets! The story of the Nadurines is designed for you to read with your son or daughter , although it depends on their age. This way, if there is something he doesn't understand, you can help him understand it. Additionally, it is an excellent opportunity to enjoy quality time together. For more information about its content, don't miss this video !

Benefits of the story of the Nadurines

Tale of the Nadurines

Children's stories are intended to entertain the little ones in the house , but in addition to fun, the benefits they can obtain are many others! Reading is an excellent way to develop imagination and creativity , since everything that is read is recreated in a different way in each person's mind. The descriptions help them visualize the story being told, and through that stimulation, they will be in charge of creating all the details!

But not only creativity is one of the main protagonists. When telling a story, it is necessary to use attention to be able to follow it. This skill is of vital importance today, since we live in an era in which digital screens and the infinite number of social networks make us change activities or topics every few seconds, so the capacity for attention and concentration is reduced. sees difficulty.

With the story of the Nadurines, your sons and daughters will be able to stimulate it, while they work on understanding the information they read and enrich their verbal knowledge with new expressions and vocabulary. Skills that will have a positive impact on your academic performance!

To get the story of the Nadurines and their beautiful illustrations, you just have to visit our store and order it . If you leave a name in the comments, you can receive it with a dedication! Fun and learning are on the way!