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Petra y Malik preparan una noche de palomitas y película

Petra and Malik prepare a night of popcorn and a movie

Easter has left us exhausted from playing away from home so much. When we don't have to go to school and the weather is good, it's what we most want to do! So now what we want is to stay inside. And do you know what we came up with? A night of popcorn and a movie !

How to prepare a night of popcorn and movie

After all the games and crafts we have learned, preparing a popcorn and movie night is a very simple plan! The ingredients are a good sofa, a bowl of popcorn that you can make with the help of mom or dad, a blanket in case you get cold, and a movie that is interesting. For these, below we leave you some proposals!

-Hey Malik , Petra said. - Do you think you can last without falling asleep?
- I can't promise anything... But I'll do my best to try. If the movie is fun, I'm sure it will be much easier for me!
- Then everything is solved, because with the ones I have prepared, fun is guaranteed!

What can you see on your movie night?


Brave tells the story of Merida, a brave young archer who is the daughter of a king and queen, but has no interest in princess parties or princes. He wants to seek his own future and his decision unleashes fury throughout the kingdom. Trying to find help, he falls into a horrible curse, from which he will have to escape using his abilities and with the help of his brothers.

Princess Mononoke

Mononoke is also an atypical princess, since like the Nadurines, her main objective is to protect the forest and all the animals that live there. With the help of his wolves, he will confront humans, whose intention is to destroy nature. Does this story sound familiar to you? But in addition to this problem, Prince Ashitaka has been condemned to a curse by a demon and in his attempt to find help to get rid of it, he will have to decide whether to side with humans or with Mononoke and nature.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a classic for a night of popcorn and a movie. If you haven't seen it yet, now is the time! After going after a white rabbit in a hurry, Alice discovers a whole new world in which she meets characters as interesting as the Mad Hatter and where she will also have to face the evil ones; in this case the Red Queen. You won't get tired of seeing it!


Moana is another film that if you haven't seen it yet, you can't miss the opportunity! This young woman passionate about the sea is the daughter of a sailor and discovers that the person responsible for there being no crops or fish in the pair is Maui, a demigod who has stolen the heart of the goddess Te Fiti. Thus, Moana Waialiki embarks on an odyssey to help her village and fix the problems of Maui, with which she will face a multitude of obstacles.

We hope you have a movie night!


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