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Papá Noel no llega a Nochebuena | ¡Nadurines al rescate!

Santa Claus does not arrive on Christmas Eve | Nadurines to the rescue!

We are finally in December! you know what that means? Christmas is coming! At this point it is more than likely that you have already assembled the tree, that you are enjoying the lighting of the streets and that you are writing the letter to Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men. There is very little time left!

We, the Nadurines , are also preparing, and in fact, we have had the opportunity to help Santa Claus. But, shhhh, it's a secret! He had some unforeseen events preparing the sleighs and for a moment we thought that he would not be able to reach your houses with the gifts. But don't worry! Everything is now solved and, even if it was just barely, the sleds will be able to travel around the entire world.

An unexpected call

It all started on a cold afternoon when we were at home looking for something to entertain ourselves. We are already used to spending time there, but it was one of those days when we wanted to go out for a walk. And then the unexpected happened! We received a call from Santa Claus himself!

I had heard about our mission that involves children around the world, and that seeks to ensure that all people on the planet live in harmony with each other and with the environment that surrounds them. Since everything he does also focuses on boys and girls, who better to contact than us!

After we thought it was a joke and were delighted to see it was true (we had to send Sally to do some checking), he told us what had happened. They were testing the sleighs for Christmas Eve and suddenly it started snowing. But it wasn't like any other day! They had never seen it snow like that, and the result was that the sleighs were so buried that they were not able to get them out even with the help of the elves. We had to go to the rescue!

Hands in the snow

Rudolph, the one with the red nose who guides them through the sky, came to pick us up in a small sleigh they had for emergencies, and since we are small, we all got in without problems. How exciting to cross the world so quickly!

When we arrived at the North Pole, what we found was devastating. Everything was covered in snow ! But as you may remember, each of us is a child of one of the elements of nature: earth, water, fire and wind . And what better occasion than to use our strength to help Santa Claus! So we surrounded the buried sleigh and each one called loudly to his father and mother.

Petra , daughter of fire , shouted: I call on the warmth of my parents so that they can melt all this snow!

Nil , son of water , responded: And I order this snow, which is nothing more than water, to melt before the fire for the good of the boys and girls of the planet!

Neala , daughter of the earth , said to her: I ask you, mother, to return these buried sleighs to us so that Santa Claus can load them with gifts! to, he said: I ask you, mother, to give us back these buried sleighs so that Santa Claus can load them with gifts!

And Malik , son of the wind and who had already fallen asleep, dreamed that a gust of wind enveloped the sleds and took them out of the snow.

We've done it! They all shouted at the same time. We are a real team! And as a thank you for our help, Santa Claus gave each of us a gift, which we already placed under our tree and which we will open on Christmas Eve. Do you already have everything prepared for the big night?

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