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El juego de la Tierra

The Earth Game

This is the game of Earth

Neala sitting next to Darwin

Do you know that I am a daughter of the earth?

I am in charge of taking care of the land of the entire planet so that it is a fertile and beautiful place, but I couldn't do it without the help of Darwin...

In this game you will be Neala and Darwin and you will discover how magical it is to work as a team.

In the Earth game we will discover some of the textures that our planet has, so perhaps you should take a short excursion to the nearest park, mountain or field with your parents or older siblings.

You will need some MATERIAL, for example:
  • 3 or more old boxes you have at home
  • A handkerchief
  • At least 2 participants
Collect leaves, sand, dirt, stones and some gills.

Now distribute the material into the boxes you have chosen, separating the soil in one box, the stones in another, the gills in another box and so on with all the boxes and materials you have collected.

One of the two participants will take my name, NEALA, and must cover his or her eyes with the handkerchief and in front of him or her, the other players will be DARWIN, who must distribute the boxes in a large area free of danger.


It's time to find the right box! Ask Neala to find one of the materials, for example the stones, the others must give her directions to get there correctly.

When in front of a box, Neala must touch the inside of the box, if it is the correct one she will pass the turn to another player.

And by playing like this, you will all be Nealas and Darwins.

Do you realize how important it is to work as a team?

How lucky I am to always be at Darwin's side!


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