There is always something that we all miss at some point. It could be seeing your friends from school during summer vacation or missing what summer brings us during the months when we have classes at school. And something like this is what is happening to Nil… He is looking forward to traveling to a beach location as soon as possible! Do you also miss something?

Nil wants to travel to a beach place

- Is it summer already? Nil said.
-But Nil! -Neala replied, If we've just started spring , are you already thinking about summer? The temperatures are rising little by little, and like now, although the sun is hot, the air is not as hot, but is still rather cold. Brrrrr, I wouldn't dare go into the sea yet ! It must be very cold!
- But I need to see the sea waves and play with them! You already know that I am a child of water, and if I cannot be in contact with it, it is as if something is missing .
- And have you thought about taking a shower? -Sally asked, to which everyone laughed.
-It's not the same! -Nil answered somewhat sadly. Also, you already know that one of my favorite things to do is turn off the taps at home so as not to waste water. I'm tired of waiting! I need to travel to a beach place now!

The rest of the Nadurines looked a little worried, as they saw Nil looking a little sad….

"Nil," Neala began. It is normal that we always miss something or that we want to do something that for whatever reason we cannot, such as going outside, but it is raining, eating something different from what has been prepared... That emotion you feel is called frustration , and it will accompany you and all of us in many moments. Even as adults!

What you must understand is that getting angry or desperate will not make time pass faster or anything change. Everything will remain the same! And if you're like this, you won't even feel like playing or doing anything else that will make time pass faster and what you've been waiting for so long will arrive.

Think about what you can do

The Nadurines are a family that always finds solutions for everything , so since it is still early to travel to a beach location, they have brought the beach home so that Nil can enjoy. And how have they done it? Well as always with a little imagination!

We could have used the bathtub, but as you know, Nil doesn't like to waste water if it's not necessary... So we did it by recycling a bottle ! You just have to fill it halfway or more with water and add sunflower oil until it is almost full. You'll see the effect this combination has ! If you have blue food coloring on hand, add it to make it look like the sea! Then you just have to put small stones and shells inside and you will have managed to have a little piece of the sea close to you. Nil loved it !

Do you dare to do it too?

Nil and Marie