Neala and Darwin discover the power of love on Valentine's Day

We are still in the process of learning the customs of humans on planet Earth, so there are many festivities that we are discovering. Another important date is approaching and we almost missed it, but luckily, we found out about it in time. Valentine's Day! A beautiful day in which we can celebrate the power of love. You sign up?

What is Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the day to celebrate love and friendship, and it falls on February 14. The origin of this date dates back to the 3rd century in Rome. There, it seems that their emperor had prohibited marriages between young people. The reason was because those men without families could be better soldiers.

However, the priest Saint Valentine, who did not agree with this rule, celebrated marriages between those who were in love. The power of love is stronger than the impediments they want to place on us.

This rebellious attitude cost Valentine his life. If you have read stories or other stories from past times, you will know that back then they did not use communication as we do now. Probably, they had not discovered the power of love and that is why Valentine's Day paid the price on the date on which this holiday is celebrated.

How we can use the power of love

Both Darwin and I like to give our opinions on everything we learn, and this time it was not going to be different. The celebration of Valentine's Day, or rather the power of love itself, should not be limited to a single specific day. What we feel for others, whether it is our partner, our family, our friends, human or not, or the planet itself, we must express it regularly.

Furthermore, it sounds like someone wise said that what really counts are the actions we take, and not so much the words we say. Still, it's always good to tell those important people how we feel about them. In the same way that we find signs of affection pleasant, they are also pleasant for others. The power of love can transform everything!

And what actions can we take to show that something matters to us and thus make use of the power of love? Well, first of all, as we have said, we can tell those close to us that we love them and that they are special to us. Darwin and I have done it and, although it has seemed strange to us because we are always together, it has been nice to hear it.

Also, so that everything is not just words, we can do good deeds helping others in whatever we can and want. Just like we did at Christmas, and just like As we said , any day is a good time to do something good for others; People and animals.

And finally, since Mother Nature shows us her power of love by giving us this place to live, we must return the gesture by taking care of our environment. If we do not treat this great house we live in well, there will come a day when we will no longer be able to live here. Therefore, we must use our power of love and continue spreading the message!