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Neala y Darwin celebran el día mundial del niño junto a ti

Neala and Darwin celebrate World Children's Day with you

He world day of boys and girls It is an opportunity that the calendar brings us so that we are aware of how lucky we are. However, in any environment or country where we find ourselves, we always We are taken into account less for the simple fact of being young. So we spent this year with you to teach you what your rights are.

Mom, I don't want to go to school

How many times have you said this phrase at home? Because it's cold, because the bed is warm, because you're tired, because you prefer to play... But don't you have a good time at school? Clear! Over there We learn so many things that it becomes an interesting place . And not only that, but we also have time to play and have fun .

And do you know what the best thing about going to school is? that you have knowledge, and When you know things you understand everything around you better and you can find what you want to be . Do you know how many boys and girls want to become doctors, architects, lawyers or nurses and they won't be able to because they can't go to school?

Therefore, in the international Day of the boy and the girl we must remember that we are lucky. And not just for learning, but for having a house, toys, and even for the simple fact of playing! But in addition to these rights, There are others that adults do not take into account . And for that reason, we spend this day with you, because since we are used to spreading messages, why not also others that directly benefit us!

World day of the boy and girl in our environment

We are used to seeing that Adults are the ones in charge of putting order in the world . Furthermore, they are the ones who make decisions and the ones who always seem to have the knowledge and the reason. But do you remember that Darwin has lost his power? Adults are not perfect and sometimes they are wrong too and their actions affect the rest of us in a negative way.

Darwin and me We know it, and also that even though we are children, We have superpowers . And one of them is the innocence of doing things without evil and of Look only for actions that are good for everyone . Hence our mission to spread the message of saving the planet. So much work for World Children's Day!

But in addition to that, as we tell you, We must spread other messages that defend us as boys and girls . First of all, the right to be treated with respect . That means no shouting, no insults or any other action that causes us physical or emotional pain. Besides, We must have the right to choose , about our clothes, our hobbies or our preferences.

And finally, on this World Children's Day We must be heard and taken into account. We have the right to receive care when we request it, even if we do not always do it in the best way. We are small and we are learning, but what we have to say is important!

Take advantage of this World Children's Day to make yourself heard!


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