Antonio Juan Dolls

If after hearing so much about reborn dolls, you have ended up falling in love and you also want one, today we present you one of the best brands of the moment, with handmade creations and very well-crafted designs. If you still don't know the Antonio Juan dolls , now you have a chance!

Meet the Antonio Juan dolls

Pito Doll by Antonio Juan Ben Funny Surprises

At Fun Surprises we have complete confidence in the manufacturing of these beautiful dolls , which is why they are available from our online store . Since we also create our own, we know very well all the work and effort behind it. So we can guarantee you that they are really worth it!

Antonio Juan dolls are manufactured in Onil, Alicante ; a place where toy design has become a tradition. Founded in 1958, it is a family business of which three generations are now part, and we are sure that many more will follow.

Its principles are quality, tradition and sustainability . They are, therefore, values ​​that are in line with those we have at Fun Surprises , since we also bet on products that exceed the standard, but that are not detrimental to the environment.

All the manufacturing of the Antonio Juan dolls is completely handmade and is manufactured in our country . Another point in favor before choosing other options from very distant countries, where the quality should also raise doubts. Here we tell you how to know if reborn babies are originals or replicas .

Within their catalog, they offer different types of dolls with registered designs. Some are dedicated to childhood, with a simpler style; others follow a classic design with soft bodies; They also have a more fashion line, and, of course, reborn dolls. Authentic handcrafted pieces with an extraordinary resemblance to a real baby.

Why buy Antonio Juan dolls?

Martina Happy Birthday from Antonio Juan

If you take a look at the Antonio Juan doll models, you will realize that they are simply beautiful. But in addition to aesthetics, they are a good choice compared to other dolls because you have the guarantee that they are of quality and safe for minors , given that they have passed all European controls and regulations.

Furthermore, you are betting on a national product, and as things stand, we must take care of our own market and promote the work that is done here, and even more so when it is artisanal! In case you have doubts, it means that they are made by hand, with or without tools, but without the help of machines.

And what we like most of all, and that is why you can buy them today from our store , is that they are simply beautiful . So that they don't lack anything and you can play with them from the moment they arrive home, we have created beautiful reborn boxes that not only contain the doll, like Daniela or Carlitos, but also clothes and other accessories that you will love, such as bottles or bibs. .

If you want to finish falling in love, we invite you to visit each of the models we have of the Antonio Juan dolls . We know you won't be able to resist!