The best children's coloring books


When the holidays arrive and boys and girls spend more time at home, sometimes the days become long and we run out of ideas with which to fill the time. Coloring books are an excellent option, since in addition to being entertaining, they help stimulate creativity! Today we tell you what our recommendations are!

What are the most entertaining coloring books?

With notebooks or coloring books, younger boys and girls learn to differentiate colors and improve grip with their hands. Furthermore, with practice, they learn not to leave the lines of the margins, which is intended to improve their precision, that is, their motor skills. Although it is also very useful for frustration tolerance , since in their first attempts it is normal for them to have a hard time not mixing colors in each area.

But beyond these skills, painting and drawing always stimulates imagination and creativity . And if your little ones are an inexhaustible source of energy, it will also help them slow down and relax. Perfect for the end of the day!

On the other hand, when boys and girls get used to reading books in which different images and characters appear, they will be more willing to start reading stories . And since you are here, what better way to take advantage than to get the story “ The World of the Nadurines ”!

Some illustrations that you will love, with a lot of stories and secrets of the Nadurines that you did not know and endless ideas to learn to take care of nature and our entire environment in general. You have it available in the Fun Surprises store!

And back to the coloring books, here are some suggestions!

Multi-thematic coloring pad

From Melissa & Doug, this multi-thematic pad has fifty sheets with very varied illustrations so that boys and girls never get bored of coloring. Its size is quite large , 36 x 28 cm, which will make it easier for you to paint. Also, if they wish, they can tear the pages out of the notebook, so you can paint as a group or hang them in their room when they are finished.

The secret of the sea

Whether the sea is close to you or if you have to settle for the pool, with the book The Secret of the Sea , boys and girls will be able to discover what the seabed hides . In addition, it tells the story of a king who lost his treasure, and all of his objects are hidden in each of the pages. You have to color to identify them!

Book for empowered girls

And if you want to surprise your daughter with a different coloring book, that teaches her to value her potential and self-love, go for the Book for Empowered Girls ! Twenty sheets with very varied phrases and drawings to remember how important it is in this world to love ourselves just as we are.

Nadurines to color

And of course, the Nadurines can't be missing either! From our website, specifically at this link, you can download sheets of Neala, Nil, Petra and Malik so that they can paint them however they like. You have a total of sixteen templates !

Enjoy your coloring books and the company of the Nadurines!