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Las ventajas de tener un bebé reborn

The advantages of having a reborn baby

Reborn babies are also known as realistic babies, since their resemblance to a real one is amazing. Currently, they are an alternative to traditional dolls, although it must be said that they are much more delicate than them. If you are considering the possibility of getting one, here are the advantages you will get!

Advantages of buying a reborn baby

Reborn Baby Sofia
A reborn baby is practically considered a work of art, given that its manufacturing process is completely handmade . Furthermore, due to the materials used, their weight is much higher than that of an ordinary doll , hence they are not recommended for boys and girls under six years of age.

However, if your son or daughter has already surpassed this age, it is a good time to start playing with a reborn baby . We want to emphasize that dolls are not something for girls , because learning to care for and take responsibility for other people is a skill that both sexes must learn if we want a more just and equal society. But what are the benefits they can obtain?

Empathy and emotional intelligence

There is nothing more effective to work on empathy, that is, the ability to perceive other people's emotions , than spending time with those who are most vulnerable . Thus, paying attention to the needs that the reborn baby has, such as food, bathing or changing clothes, will make them understand the importance of helping each other.

Furthermore, since you will have to learn to deal with it, you will face situations that can cause frustration, so it is also an excellent opportunity to develop emotional intelligence or emotion management.

Caring skills

The tasks of caring for the family have always fallen mainly on the figure of women. With a reborn baby you can teach your son and daughter that these tasks are the responsibility of both parents and, therefore, it is important that both begin to get involved from childhood in caring for the people around them.

Practice for a new member

If you are waiting for the arrival of a brother or sister, with the reborn baby you can prepare the ground for their arrival . If you are still the only one, having to share your time and attention can be hard at these ages. Not only will they be able to know what it will be like to have a brother or sister , but it will also allow you to begin to involve them in their care to prevent jealousy towards the baby in the future.

Motor system work

When caring for the reborn baby, you will have to make movements with your arms that you may not yet be very comfortable with. For example, when dressing or undressing the doll, combing its hair or feeding it. These activities allow you to work on the motor system and will also help you improve when you have to do these actions yourself.

You see that with a reborn baby there are all advantages! If you want yours, take a look at our store and contact us if you need more information!


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