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Las mejores manualidades para muñecas

The best crafts for dolls

At Fun Surprises we always bet on creativity, so in addition to offering you different dolls and accessories for them, we also invite you to create the latter at home. To do this, today we leave you some crafts for dolls that you can do as a family!

4 easy-to-make doll crafts

Crafts for dolls

We know that the time you usually have to play is somewhat limited and that is why it is important to make the most of what you have . With these crafts for dolls that we leave you, you have the option of doing them together or leaving the instructions to the little ones in the house so that they can do them on their own. Of course, as long as it does not involve risky elements or activities depending on their age, such as scissors.

We have chosen some very simple examples that you will love. For them!

Create clothes without sewing

Did you think that in order to expand your dolls' wardrobe you needed to buy completely ready-made clothes? Nothing of that! In this video that we leave you , you will learn how to make a blouse and a skirt . You will only need a piece of fabric that can be stretched and does not fray and a needle.

Fold the piece of fabric in four, so that it is square-shaped, and with the help of scissors, cut an arc from corner to corner, so that it is fan-shaped . Now cut off the bottom peak. You now have a skirt! Take into account the width of the doll's waist so that it fits snugly.

For the shirt you need a rectangular piece that covers the entire torso of the doll. Hem each side and glue them together . Take a piece of adhesive Velcro and place it on the ends. You just need to go around the doll's body and you will have the blouse!

cardboard sofa

Another of the simplest crafts for dolls is cardboard sofas. Depending on the size of the one you have, you will need more or less cardboard, since it will have to support its weight . As we show you in this video , you will have to create rectangles that are the base (you can help yourself with the folds that a used box already has), and glue the backing on top. Then you cover it with fabric and add cotton covered with fabric to act as a seat or cushions . This is optional though!


To create headbands with hair decorations , you only need a piece of wire or rod that you must cut to the size of the dolls' head. Using EVA foam, cut small wreaths or bows to your liking that you will then glue to the wire with a silicone gun or some other strong glue. And ready!

Backpack for school

As this video shows , to make a backpack you need the cardboard container of toothpaste or similar , in which you must cut out a square of the size you want and then cover it with fabric. Make holes to insert ribbons that act as straps and follow the instructions in the video to close the backpack.

We hope you liked these crafts for dolls and that you have fun at home putting them into practice!


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