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Las mejores ideas para reciclar el papel de regalo de navidad

The best ideas to recycle Christmas wrapping paper

The best ideas to recycle Christmas wrapping paper

Christmas is a time of family gatherings and celebrations. However, if there is something that characterizes these dates, it is gifts. With the visits of Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men, the number of packages that accumulate becomes very high. Since this represents a cost to our planet, we want to tell you how we can recycle wrapping paper to give it a new life.

Less is more

Toys are extremely tempting. And there are so many interesting things that it is difficult to choose between them all. But if you are reading us, it is because you are aware of our mission to take care of the planet.

Adults have forgotten that we have no other place to live, and that carelessness or indifference does more harm than they can imagine. What are we going to do when all the resources we have have been destroyed? Trees are not unlimited and plastic can take more than a century to decompose. We can't wait until the seas, lakes and mountains are completely dirty and destroyed!

That's why Darwin and I want to ask you that this year you only ask for Christmas what you would most like to have. In the end, we always end up playing with our favorite objects. And on top of that, try to recycle the wrapping paper. We know that impatience gets us, but if we open the paper carefully, we can use it for a thousand other things. Here are some ideas for recycling wrapping paper!

How to recycle wrapping paper

Recycling wrapping paper can be a lot of fun. We just have to be creative and willing to experiment!

Line your closet

The first idea that occurred to us to recycle wrapping paper is to line your closets inside. Instead of having a plain color, we can give it a more fun touch with something so simple to do. You just have to take the leftover paper and place it stretched inside the closet or drawers. If it is a little broken, you can also cut pieces of different shapes and glue them on top of each other.

Decorate your toy boxes

Surely many of your gifts also came in boxes. Give them a second life too! To recycle the wrapping paper we can cover the outside as we did in the previous idea. It's like you're wrapping a gift!

Turn glasses into pencil cases

If you need more space to place your pencils and markers, you will love this idea for recycling wrapping paper! Take a glass, glass or hard plastic, and stick the one you liked the most on it. Remember that there are no rules here and you can make whatever combinations and creations you want.

Cut figures

If you like creativity, you may prefer this way to recycle wrapping paper. Instead of cutting large pieces, you can cut out shapes. For example animals, flowers or anything you can think of. You can put them in your notebooks, folders, closets or wherever you prefer.

Gift bags

If we have plain-colored paper bags at home, we can recycle the wrapping paper and line them as we did with the boxes. So you can use them to give things away or simply because they look much prettier.

Can you think of more ideas to recycle gift wrap? Well go ahead! Unleash your imagination and create your own works of art.


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