A total of nine children had gathered at Elisenda's house today, because in addition to her and her three brothers, two neighbors and the children of two sets of friends of her parents had also gone. Some had a daughter and the others a boy and a girl.

They had gotten together because they had planned to look for mushrooms, but bad weather had ruined their plan.

At first they were upset and discouraged, but one of Elisenda's parents' friends suddenly said:

-I know what we'll do! Since there are many of us, we can make a play!

-A play? -asks the surprised group. -We are not actresses! -said one of the neighbors named Anita. -And we don't have papers, we won't know what we have to say! -Another complained. -Let's see! -the parents' friend who had the idea interrupted them.

You want to be theater stars, yes or no?

-Yessss! -Almost all of them shouted excitedly.

-Then that's done! -Let's see who each one can be... -I want to be the princess of the play -Anita came forward. -No! "I am the princess," said her sister.

-And why not me? I want to be a princess too! -Elisenda claimed.

And so one by one, the five girls in total said that they wanted to be the princess of the story. -Oh yeah? Do you all want to be princesses? Then okay, you all will be! We will make a story with five princesses! The girls looked at each other, because now they really didn't understand anything. How could it be that there were five princesses in the same work?

Before they began to ask for explanations, the director said: -The story will take place in a town where there are five princesses. which will be you. But not all of you will be able to play princesses every day and you will do it in turns, depending on the weather.

One will be the princess of sunny days, another of cloudy days, another of foggy days, another of snowy days and another of rainy days like today. What do you think?

The girls looked at each other, wrinkled their noses and said almost at the same time:

-I want to be the rain princess!

The children laughed out loud. -We will never end like this! -said Elisenda's older brother. -Then the rain princess will have to earn it! -The director of the theater company decided then.

We will have a contest where each of you will have to show us that she is the princess of the rain. The four children and I will be the jury and we will vote for whoever deserves it.

You have five minutes to think about how you will do it!

The five girls were left hesitating, not knowing what to say or what to do, and after a moment they began to complain because it seemed very difficult to them and they did not know how they could demonstrate being the princess of the rain...

Everyone complained except Elisenda, who instead of protesting decided to go ask the rain what she could do.

Under the porch of his house he watched the rain for a few minutes. Suddenly she ran in, all excited, and said:

-I already know what the rain princess is like! Can I start? As the others continued to complain, Elisenda grabbed a sheet and climbed onto a kind of stage that the director had made with some large wooden trunks that he had found in the room.

Elisenda knelt, sat on her feet, leaned forward as if she were a stone, and covered herself with the sheet.

Then, from below, the sound of rain began to make... At first it fell very little: Elisenda stung with one finger of her hand on the palm of the other. Then a little stronger: Elisenda was already biting with two fingers and it seemed like it was raining more. Now a little more: there were already three fingers... and so on until I reached the point of picking with all five fingers at the same time, which sounded almost like the downpour that was falling at that moment!

Then she got up and wrapped the sheet over her head as if it were a very long veil. Seeing that everyone was stunned, she greeted her as if she were a great theater actress.

And so he got everyone to applaud the new rain princess he had invented!