Have you noticed how little by little the days begin to get longer and it gets dark a little later? It's because the end of winter has begun! That means that although we still have weeks of cold left, it may not snow again as it has in recent weeks. So we took the opportunity to go sledding with Mr. Snowman before he thaws!

A sleigh for our friend

We Nadurines always bet on creativity and imagination in everything we do. It's much more fun than just accepting what we see around us! In addition, it is always useful to find solutions.

And this time we really missed it! We only have one sled and there are too many of us to all get on it. Then there would be no room for Mr. Snowman! And if you have ever been with snow, you will know that if you press it too hard, it ends up falling apart. We don't want that for our friend...!

If you're wondering where we got ours, it was a gift we earned when we helped Santa Claus get to Christmas Eve . Since they have to carry a lot of gifts, it is big enough for us to fit. But for Mr. Snowman to be comfortable, we need to make him his own.

We have used a piece of pallet , one of those that is usually found outside supermarkets. If you want one, you can also use them or the bodyboards that are used to catch waves. But be careful because its smooth surface is very slippery!

The walk with Mr. Snowman

With everything ready for the descent, we dropped down one of the longest slopes. We love enjoying nature when it is covered in a layer of white ! Although in winter, the vegetation is a bit scarce. Mr. Snowman told us why! It turns out that when it's cold, trees lose their leaves so they can focus on keeping the trunk, branches and roots warm. It is called the dormant season, and maintaining so many leaves requires too much effort.

But that is not all! Do you know that plants also go to sleep at night ? It seems that the plants lower their branches a little to rest, and thus when the sun rises again, they will have enough strength to look very firm again. However, in cities, due to the light from streetlights, this cycle is difficult and our plant friends do not rest as much as they should.

- Oh, what is this! "It looks like a bumpy patch," said Neala .

- Yes! It's like turbulence in a plane, - Nil responded. They are stones!

- And here comes a very big one! Hurry, we have to turn so as not to crash, everyone move aside!

And that's how we ended up eating a little snow and getting some bumps on our heads. That's what happens when it starts to thaw!

-Nadurines! And what about Mr. Snowman?

Well, you can imagine what happened... With the crash and because it is soft, it did not survive the fall. After all, it was made of snow ! His time has been short, but we have learned a lot from him! And that's what we try with these stories, that even if they are short, you can learn too! Until next time!