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El superpoder de la amistad puede con todos los supervillanos

The superpower of friendship can defeat all supervillains

The superpower of friendship can defeat all supervillains

Being young does not mean that we lack extraordinary abilities or powers that allow us to perform feats that border on the magical. We already told you once about the power that plants have, no matter how small they are, and today we want to talk to you about the superpower of friendship. An ability that helps us keep all the supervillains out of the way.

What is the superpower of friendship

A power is an extraordinary ability that we possess, and that gives us the opportunity to perform wonderful actions. Thanks to power of plants , they allow us to breathe pure air and serve as food for a multitude of species. The planet gives us life, and each of the animals that exist has a different gift. Some run very fast, others jump very high and others sleep for many hours in a row.

Humans also have the ability to speak, to build things and to relate to anyone else. And this is how we develop the superpower of friendship, which we want to talk to you about today. It is not necessary to have a large number of friends; There are those who have 5 and others have 1. The important thing is to have that special person nearby whose company we like so much and who helps us fight against all the supervillains that stalk us.

But who are these supervillains that the superpower of friendship must defeat? In stories we read about evil personalities who try to harm others, but in reality, as you will discover below, supervillains can take different forms. I'm sure many of you will be familiar with it!

What supervillains can we defeat with friendship?

They say that whoever has a friend, has a treasure. And it is true, because our friends are our family by choice, and they are those people who remain close both in the good times and the bad. Look at all the villains we managed to keep away thanks to them!

The sadness

Feeling sad is normal, and we should not be alarmed since it is just another emotion, just like joy or anger. All are acceptable in certain situations. However, when sadness stays for too long, it begins to influence our daily lives. But with the superpower of friendship, our friends will know when they should support us and we will know when to support them. And without having to say anything!


It is important to spend time without company, since this way we will learn to know ourselves better. But sometimes, even if we are with someone, we can feel a kind of loneliness that makes us sad. The superpower of friendship keeps this villain at bay, as friends help each other whenever necessary.

The indifference

This villain is the culprit that Darwin has lost his power and that the planet is in its current situation. But with the superpower of friendship we can raise awareness among each other and fight as a team to continue spreading our message.


Isn't it hard for you to go to school sometimes? Don't some subjects bore you? With the superpower of friendship, we have a motivation to go and learn, and with friends, everything is always much more fun.


Hate is one of the most dangerous villains, since it devours us from the inside. If you ever feel it, let it go and invest your time in something that makes you smile, like spending time with your friends. And if they are the ones who have made you angry, explain how you feel and restore the previous harmony together. The superpower of friendship can overcome any obstacle!

And you, did you know all these ways the superpower of friendship can help?


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