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El Planeta Tierra

Planet Earth

What is Planet Earth?

Well, it is a wonderful place where we all live, Nadurines, Toris, humans, animals and plants.

We are in the middle of a sky surrounded by stars, why is that nice? Look at night, how many stars you can see... I can never count them all!

The Earth revolves around a very special star, it is the largest I have ever seen, the SUN. Thanks to the Sun, the Earth has life.

The Wise Bird once told us that it takes the Earth a year to make one complete revolution around the Sun, and one day to make one complete revolution around itself, yes, yes, as you hear it, it spins like a ball on your finger! !

At night, apart from the stars I can also see the Moon, do you see it? I thought it was a planet but it turns out that it is a satellite and it revolves around the Earth. I think there is a game of balls spinning in space, it's very fun!

planet Earth next to the smiling Sun surrounded by stars and the Moon

The Earth has a lot of water in the form of seas, oceans, rivers and lakes. Also continents, 6 to be exact: Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Oceania and Antarctica.

Which of them do you live in?

I live in the seventh, but it is secret and magical... NADUR!

One of the things I like most about Planet Earth is that it has many different areas:
  • Forests
  • Mountains
  • deserts
  • Snow
  • Jungles
And many more!

We, in Nadur, have a bit of all those climates and this is how we take care of them.

Now I'm starting to get hungry... I need my bottle!

Another day I will tell you more interesting things about Planet Earth and its inhabitants.


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