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El detective del agua

The water detective

The water detective Do you want to play the water game with us?

Water is a limited resource on planet Earth; Without it, life would not be possible. Humans have forgotten how important it is, but Darwin and I have come here because we know there is hope. You boys and girls are the ones who can help us take care of this precious asset. Do you dare to play the water game?

What is the water game

If you have already learned how rain is formed, it is very likely that you also know the importance that water has on planet Earth. Darwin and I, Neala, come from the island of Nadur; a magical place where joy and kindness reign.

Our job is to take care of nature, but for some reason, Darwin no longer has his magical sparkle and we cannot fulfill our mission. But you can help us! With the water game we are going to learn how we can be detectives and make sure we are taking care of it properly.

How to play the water game

Water is part of our planet and even our own body. In a human being, it is made up of more than half of water. Which means that beyond the skin we see and the bones, we have water everywhere. Incredible true? That is why with the water game we are going to learn its importance and how we can ensure that we take care of it.

To play the water game we will need several sheets of paper or a blackboard and something to write on. The number of people playing is unlimited; Everything will depend on your imagination to think about how the existence or not of water affects us.

On the sheet of paper or on the blackboard, each one will say the places where we can find water. Both in nature itself and in our daily lives. You can follow a circle and this way it will take turns and everyone can participate.

When you no longer have any more ideas, we will move on to the second phase of the water game. In this we have to think about the consequences of the water disappearing in each of those places. Some will be easier, such as what would happen if it stopped raining, while others may be more complex. Do you know what happens when there is no clean water to drink?

Once we have all the possible situations, it is time to become water detectives. I always wanted to be one! Now we have our chance to do good work and take care of the planet.

As detectives of the water game, we must ask the partner next to us a question about how they make good use of water in each of the situations presented. The rest will have to assess whether they are doing a good job or how they can improve it.

What we learn in the water game

Paying attention to our habits every day, as well as those of our family and friends, helps us become aware and reconnect with nature. Thus, as detectives, we must assess, for example, what would happen if seawater did not exist and if when we go to the beach we do everything possible to keep it clean.

Sometimes we don't realize what we are doing, but with the water game we will learn to improve and help Darwin regain his power. Without the Nadurines, the world cannot continue to be the wonderful place it is.

Furthermore, as detectives of the water game, we will help each other to be better at our work. Four eyes see more than two, and if a detective doesn't know how to solve a problem, the rest of us can help! After all, we all live on the planet and need water equally to live.

Investigate as a team and learn everything you need to know about it through the water game. We need your help to continue our work!


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