Are you considering buying dolls online? If so, stay and read this article, because we are going to explain the advantages and benefits of buying this type of toy online through our Fun Surprises store and, in addition, we are going to convince you why the doll should be one of our popular ones. and charming Nadurines. Go for it!

As you may already know, toy dolls or babies never go out of style and have been positioned for centuries as the favorites of girls and boys around the world. In fact, according to child psychiatrist, Stéphane Clerget, girls in particular begin to play with dolls at approximately 15 months and consider this toy as a representation of themselves.

Although playing with dolls has always been directly related to girls, this has been changing recently thanks to the work of various organizations and social movements that advocate breaking gender stereotypes of toys. Kids can play with dolls too and that's okay!

The history of dolls dates back to ancient Egypt, where dolls made of wood have been found dating back to about 200 years BC. There are also signs of dolls made by the Greeks and Romans, made from clay, wood and even ivory, but it was not until the 15th century in Europe that dolls began to be made exclusively for sale.

There are various types of dolls, one of the most popular being dolls that represent a newborn baby or a few months old. Our charming and ecological Nadurines fall into this popular category.

What does Nadurines mean and what is special about them?

Nadurines means that our dolls are inhabitants of Nadur, a country full of magic created by Núria, from Funny Surprises. The main objective of the Nadurines dolls is to deliver a message of respect and reconnection with nature, something very important nowadays.

There are a large number of Nadurines, and they are all unique. They all have their own name and have a funny face, huge, bright eyes, a snub nose and various types of hairstyles, varying in color and cut. Their outfits are also colorful and original, made with ecological fabrics and organic dyes. Many of them also come with a stuffed animal, which is their faithful companion and also has its own name. They make an incredible couple!

Each of the Nadurines has a close relationship with some of the elements of nature and their characteristics reflect this. For example, Neala and Darwin are children of earth, Petra and Edison are children of fire, Nil and Marie are children of water, and Malik and Sally are children of air. Thus, each of them will be in charge of protecting the element with which they are related.

The Nadurines have been designed and manufactured in Spain, so they are sustainable and locally sourced, which is in line with the message they transmit: take care of the planet!

The new edition of the Nadurines collection is very respectful of the environment. They come in sustainable, plastic-free packaging. Plus, it's not just a wrap for dolls. The Nadurines boxes are your home! They can be assembled and come with ecological markers to paint it so that the little ones can have an incredible time coloring our little friends' house to their liking.


Playing with Nadurines not only instills values ​​of respect for the environment, but can also enhance the socialization of our little ones, promoting values ​​of responsibility, generosity and respect for others, essential to integrate into society. Furthermore, with Nadurines, boys and girls learn that everything can have a second use, since the Nadurines box is not thrown away and is also used for playing.

The Nadurines also have their own YouTube channel with more than 6 million subscribers and millions of views, where they share their adventures and routines in a fun and original way. Boys and girls love to see their Nadurines in action! This large number of subscribers reflects the success and how much these dolls are liked by the children's population, and that they not only captivate the little ones but also their parents.

These toys not only have a successful YouTube channel, but they also have their own mobile app! There, you will find several fun and educational mini-games where the Nadurines are the protagonists of various situations. As you can see, when you buy Nadurines you are not just purchasing a doll, but an entire world that includes a multi-channel form of audiovisual entertainment.

If you want to know more about the world of the Nadurines, also in the online store you will find the official book “The world of the Nadurines”. It is a children's story that resolves doubts about Nadur, the country of the Nadurines.

“The world of the Nadurines” will not only help your little ones begin to enjoy reading, but it will also stimulate their creativity and help them have a greater capacity for attention and understanding.

How to buy Nadurines online?

You can buy the friendly and charismatic Nadurines through the Fun Surprises online store. The process is very simple: you just have to select the Nadurines doll that has captivated you, and click the buy button. You must complete the required fields such as name and shipping address (very important to receive your order), and finally make the purchase using a credit or debit card, or via PayPal.

Once payment has been made, we will begin processing your purchase and we will ensure that you have your order as soon as possible. We deliver throughout Spain and the world, so your location is not a problem. The Nadurines are international! Check the shipping costs for each of the regions in our purchasing conditions.

What advantages do I have when buying Nadurines online?

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  1. You will save when purchasing on the official website

If you make the purchase online on the Fun Surprises website, you not only ensure that you get the best price, but you also have all the necessary guarantees when it comes to online purchases. Our online store is secure and has the best price on the market as it is the official store.

  1. No travel

By purchasing online and directly from Fun Surprises, you will avoid having to search for Nadurines in physical stores. They are an exclusive product and very few stores have them. Thus, you will not have to leave your home and the only movement you will make will be to provide your shipping information and make the payment. We take care of the rest!.

  1. Multiple options to choose from

At Fun Surprises we have the entire collection of Nadurines available. You can choose from all the models, the one that excites you and your little one the most according to the colors, the element they represent or simply by their appearance and outfit color.

Have you already decided? If so, you just have to go to Fun Surprises and order the Nadurines doll that excites you the most. Don't forget to leave us your opinion in the comments!