Four crafts for children | Gifts for Father's and Mother's Day

Receiving a gift is always pleasant, and even more so when it is dedicated especially to you. But there is something that makes them even better, and that is that the person who created them is the person who gives it to us. For this reason, and because important dates are approaching, we tell you four crafts for boys and girls that will serve as a very special gift.

Why give a gift made by us

Crafts for boys and girls are common. We are discovering that we have different abilities that allow us to create what we imagine. Plus, it's an interesting way to reuse things around us.

We have already discovered how recycle wrapping paper or as Create our own carnival costumes . Doesn't it feel good to give life to something we have made with our hands? For Father's or Mother's Day we can use this beautiful power that we have again.

Many times differences are made when giving gifts. However, both have the same role in our lives. Therefore, the crafts for boys and girls that we propose are useful for both of us. If you prefer, you can also make a single gift for both of you.

However, we do recommend giving a personal touch to each gift. If you know what their favorite colors or hobbies are, you can include them as details in the crafts for boys and girls that we tell you about below. Let's do it!

Crafts for boys and girls

Before starting any of these crafts for boys and girls, we recommend that you check that you have everything you will need at home. This way, you won't be left halfway when you've already started.

Trophy for the best father or best mother

Although we should not base our lives on competing with others, no one dislikes being the best at something. Therefore, the first of our crafts for boys and girls is a trophy. You will only need cardboard, scissors, glue, the decorations of your choice and gold powder or spray. We cut the cardboard in the shape of a cup or trophy and we will put glue on top to be able to glue the decorations. Go little by little so it doesn't dry out.

Photo frames

Photo frames are perfect to remember a special moment or, why not, highlight one of our drawings. We are going to need ice cream sticks or those that the doctor uses to look at our throat, cardboard, glue and paints and/or colored pencils.

We will glue the sticks in a square shape and cut two pieces of cardboard of similar size. On one of them we will place the photo or drawing, and the other piece will go behind them. With the paints we will decorate the sticks to our liking.

Personalized pencil holder

The third of our crafts for boys and girls is for dads and moms who enjoy writing or painting. With a flowerpot or a jar of cocoa or similar we can create a nice pencil holder. Here, both materials and decoration are completely free.

Bookmark and coaster

If we have a photo or special memory, there is nothing better than using them as bookmarks for books or coasters for coffee. We will cut a piece of cardboard of the color we want in a rectangular or square shape depending on the gift we choose. We will paste the photo or souvenir on top and decorate it to taste. On top, we will place self-adhesive book covers.

And that's it for our crafts for boys and girls. If you come up with something different, don't be afraid to create it and make it your special gift.