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¿Cuáles son los beneficios de jugar con muñecas?

What are the benefits of playing with dolls?

We have the habit of giving dolls to girls and cars to boys. A pattern that reinforces sexist stereotypes and distances us from achieving equality between women and men. Did you know that both girls and boys get the same benefits from playing with dolls ? If you don't know what they are, today we will tell you why it is important not to make distinctions when giving a gift.

Benefits of playing with dolls

Activation of brain regions related to empathy

The lack of empathy is observed daily in the treatment of vulnerable groups, animals and even the environment . This deficiency may be due to a lack of activity in the posterior superior temporal sulcus of the brain, which, interestingly, can be stimulated through playing with dolls.

This region is activated when we think about other people, what they feel or think . That is, when processing social information. By imagining stories with the dolls, children are able to recreate how to interact with other people or their environment.

But this will not only help them be more considerate people, but the social skills they develop will be useful in adult life for cooperation, collaboration, negotiation and conflict resolution.

They promote equality

Boys and girls learn by imitating what adults do. If separations are made at home and at school from an early age , this information will be processed as correct and will become part of the thinking patterns. If both girls and boys share all the toys and activities, they will learn that they both have the same abilities , but also obligations with respect to the people around them.

Imagination development

Another benefit of playing with dolls is that they allow the imagination to develop . In particular, when these go beyond the traditional ones and involve varied characters, with professions accessible to both sexes, a diverse appearance and with messages that go beyond aesthetics . That is, different skin colors, normalized (rather than normative) bodies and even those with disabilities, as well as proposals that invite reflection.

When it comes to messages, most dolls focus on raising babies and finding beauty. When girls reach adulthood, these two aspects continue to be very present in their lives. For this reason, at Fun Surprises we have created the Nadurines ; boys and girls who share activities and the same mission, and who seek to raise awareness about the environment , so that they encompass all the benefits of playing with dolls.

Task learning

Caring is a task that concerns men and women equally; If children are involved from childhood in changing diapers or preparing bottles and meals, as adults they will have normalized this work as one of their obligations , instead of conceiving its role as help. Dolls are not things for girls .

Improves motor skills

Depending on age, another benefit of playing with dolls is that it works on motor skills or the relationship between the eye and the hand or the short muscles. In this way, they will learn through practice to dress, comb their hair or eat without help.

If you want to obtain all the benefits of playing with dolls, in our online store we already have our new Nadurines proposals. On our YouTube channel and on our blog you will find a multitude of games and proposals to develop all the aspects that we have mentioned.


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