How can we fight global warming?

Global warming is the rise in temperature on planet Earth due to activities carried out by human beings. The main consequence of this is climate change, with droughts, drastic variations in temperature and the melting of glaciers. What can we do to stop this environmental disaster?

Why does global warming occur?

Our mission is to ensure that humans reconnect with the Earth and that Help the planet . As you know, many activities that humanity has developed have progressively affected the environment.

A few decades ago, the consequences were barely noticeable. However, continuity over the years has finally made the results visible. Summer is no longer summer, and winter is no longer winter. The seasons seem to interchange randomly and, although it is a little far away, the ice areas have been thawing and the sea level has also risen.

It may not seem worrying, but global warming destabilizes the way the planet functions. And if we do not put a stop to this situation, the lives of all species, including ours, are in serious danger.

Actions to help the planet

Even if we believe that our actions will not stop global warming, the truth is that it does make a difference. If we add each individual who changes their habits, we no longer have just one, but a group. And if each person teaches another person what they should do to save the planet and ourselves, the group will continue to grow. Below we leave you what you can do.

Use public transportation

Maybe you prefer to have mom or dad pick you up after school, but having each person use a vehicle considerably increases pollution and, therefore, global warming. A bus for our class means less environmental damage.

Save energy

How many times have we forgotten a light on that we were not using? Probably many. Well, it is a habit that we must change to stop global warming. Unplug appliances that we are not using as well, as well as avoid the dryer or high temperatures in the heating. Remember to discuss it at home!

Eat less meat

The environment appreciates a diet based mainly on vegetables, fruits, legumes and cereals. Meat production, especially beef, is not only a cruel practice, it also contributes to global warming. If doing without it is too much, at least we can reduce consumption.

Reuse and reduce

Industries contribute to global warming, and plastic is one of the main evils of our society. In addition to recycling what we use, we must choose options based on glass or paper, which are much less polluting. Regarding water, we must also save. Collect shower water in a bucket while it heats up and don't leave taps running while you soap up. Simple, right?

Spread the message

The last of the actions that we leave you to stop global warming is to spread these actions. The more people we are, the greater our positive impact will be. We know you can do it!

Global warming is a reality that cannot continue to be denied. The pollution of the planet and the destruction of natural habitats must be stopped if we want to continue living here. But we know that together we can achieve our goal. Will you join us?