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¿Cómo escoger la muñeca ideal?

How to choose the ideal doll?

Dolls have evolved over the decades. From the simplest rag dolls, we have now reached the other extreme, with achieved realism in reborn dolls . Given so much variety, it is normal not to know how to choose the ideal doll . So today, with Christmas just around the corner, we tell you what to pay attention to to make the right choice.

Keys to choosing the ideal doll

The purpose of dolls is to help boys and girls develop certain motor skills , which work when dressing and undressing them, bathing them or feeding them. But it also brings them closer to adult life , which implies having empathy towards other people and being responsible and involved in caring .

On the other hand, these types of games that represent everyday situations help the little ones to feel identified . This allows them to express what they feel and better understand the world in which they live. But what to take into account when choosing the ideal doll?

The age or stage of its evolution

Childhood is a continuous learning process, which advances according to brain development . When they are babies, they have barely any coordination, so it is early for elaborate dolls. From the age of two, the ideal doll should have differentiated body parts and marked features, but without motor work. And be careful with small pieces!

From the age of three, awareness of oneself and one's body appears , and this is when one's own grooming and care routines begin. These can be put into practice with dolls, through clothing or brushing hair. From the age of six or seven , these activities are carried out perfectly without help. Now, the ideal doll is one that needs care that can work on social skills, such as empathy or responsibility.

Elements that include

In line with the previous point, the choice of the ideal doll can also be based on the elements they come with. The possibility of dressing or undressing is the main one, but not the only one. Thus, other dolls are suitable for bathing or have a design that allows the bottle to be placed in their mouths . Also, the flexibility of movement in the torso and extremities. In addition to the possibilities they allow, we must not neglect the size of the accessories or decorations, such as buttons. Depending on the age of the boy or girl, they could be too small and run the risk of being swallowed if they bite.

Representation and stereotypes

Dolls are usually associated with girls, since in adult life care falls almost exclusively on women . For society to be fair and with an equitable distribution of tasks, it is necessary that children also learn in childhood to get involved in care. Thus, and to facilitate identification, dolls must be included and provided equally to boys and girls. The same thing happens with the doll profile. They should include different traits to include all races, look healthy, avoid emphasis on aesthetics, and offer active roles for them . That is, dolls can also be athletes or heroines.

The environment conditions us enormously and boys and girls are influenced by it when considering which is the ideal doll. Discover all the variety we have in the Fun Surprises store ! Perfect for working on motor skills and empathy.


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