Looking for the ideal doll for your little one? !! Congratulations!! You have come to the right place, because in the following article we are going to guide you so that you can find the best doll for your gaming days.

Dolls have been the sweet companions of millions of boys and girls throughout recent history and even beyond. Yes, for a long time dolls have entertained children and adults alike, giving them pleasant family moments and high doses of learning.

Now, do you want to know which dolls are best for your boy or girl? We have a wide variety in our store Fun Surprises And living up to its name, we know that giving dolls will be a very special surprise! Stay to see what you should look for to ensure you give the toy best suited to the needs of the boy or girl. Go for it.

Why is it important to choose the ideal doll?

Dolls are more than toys for children because they will transmit the values ​​of society and will influence their way of being when they grow up. Because? The doll serves as an instrument for the child to interpret, communicate and imitate his or her environment, and the same characteristics of the toy can shape the child's way of thinking in one way or another.

The typical dolls with always perfect shapes and clothing, excessively visual, are a great example of this. How many times have we thought that they are not realistic and inclusive? Or action figures or other "masculine" toys that only focus on values ​​like competition and aggressiveness?

That is why at Fun Surprises we take care to carefully select what type of values ​​the Nadurines and all our toys transmit. But beyond this, there is one more reason why it is essential to choose the dolls well: the age of the little one. It is the age, their personality (what catches their attention, what attracts them, etc.) that best indicates which could be the perfect doll for some boys and girls.

If you still don't know well what the Nadurines are, learn a little more about their history from here . Our motto says it all: play and pamper the planet!

So, you know, toys have no gender and what is more important: the little one can have the last word. After all, it is he or she who decides which toy he or she likes best!

Neala and Darwin

Neala is one of our most recent dolls, since it has a renewed design and an even more ecological production behind it. Neala, like the other Nadurines, has a faithful companion: a little animal named Darwin. As the Nadurines are children of the earth and each doll and stuffed animal represents an element, Neala and Darwin They will be in charge of protecting everything related to the earth. We have created it as an educational toy with which the imagination of the little ones in the home will be stimulated.

  • Ideal for children from 3 years old
  • The same box serves as a house
  • It does not have batteries or any electronic accessories: we believe that, for these ages, it is more important to leave room for the vast imagination of boys and girls

Malik and Sally

Malik and Sally They are children of the air and therefore fight to protect this important element. This doll, like all Nadurines, is a baby that is made with a 38 cm vinyl body, with 100% national materials.

Their friend Sally is a stuffed bee that is very popular among the little ones, and we believe that the stories of these Nadurines will be able to awaken interest in science in the little ones. There is a lot of knowledge behind it to be able to take care of the planet! If your son or daughter has already shown interest in bees or some very striking elements of nature, this doll may help them further stimulate their path towards the great world of knowledge.

Reborn Baby Carles

Reborn babies are the most realistic baby dolls on the market. At Fun Surprises we join forces with the Coco Reborn workshop to offer a completely handmade, hyper-realistic and personalized baby doll, which you can reserve for €250.00. The doll is made within 10 days from the payment being completed, and we can include a liquid system, tongue, among other details to the consumer's liking.

It is the same doll that often appears on our Fun Surprises channel, it measures 49 cm, weighs 3 kilos and includes brushes, a pacifier bottle and real clothes. Our prototype was awarded twice a year. best reborn baby in 2021, and you can bathe with neutral soap and water. It even carries a maintenance manual!

Of course, it is not a common toy for boys and girls, although they could use it without problems from approximately 6 years old. The doll is ideal for mothers who want to relive the magic of motherhood, and, in reality, it is just one of several that we have in our store in the Reborn Babies section. The price includes shipping to all of Spain.

What did you think of the information? As you can see, there are dolls for everyone, and at Fun Surprises we also have a few different dolls to entertain and guide the little ones (or adults) in their general development.

To know more about the Nadurines and their adventures, visit our famous YouTube channel with more than one 6 million subscribers , and stay up to date with the latest Fun Surprises updates with our blog .