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6 juegos divertidos para poder jugar toda la familia

6 fun games for the whole family to play

Winter is ending and with it the hours spent watching drawings on the couch with a blanket. It's time to look for fun games inside and outside the home that we can enjoy as a family! In case you need some ideas, here are some suggestions!

Fun games for the whole family

Our planet is full of small details that can serve to entertain us . The color of the most beautiful flowers and their aromas, observing insects, climbing trees, catching the waves of the sea and seeing the species of fish ... However, there is something that we all like even more, and that is the time we spend with the people we love . And who are these mainly? Our family!

During the fall and winter, it tends to be colder, and your mother and father probably won't like the idea of ​​you being on the floor playing so much. But now there is no excuse to say no ! And they can even join in to play. Enjoy these fun family games!

The chained

This game will help you test your memory and its main advantage is that you don't need anything to play. You just have to sit in a circle and in order each one will say a word. And where is the fun? In addition to the word we say, we will have to say all the previous ones first! The words do not have to be related to each other, but if it is easier for you, you can also use phrases and try to create a story. This way you will also work your imagination!

The hidden story

And while we're talking about stories, we have another game that you will also find fun! For this you will need a sheet of paper and a pen. The first person to participate will write a phrase, and on the next line, a single word. By folding the paper, you will cover the first sentence and pass it to the next person. This time I will have to make a sentence with that word and write another one underneath, and so on until I finish. Then read the whole story, see if it makes sense!

Ball without feet

You will sit on the floor in a circle with your feet resting on the ground and you will pass a ball from one to another, but without using your hands! You can use your feet, your knees, your head... whatever you need!

Who is the animal

One will close his eyes and the others will have to imitate an animal with their voice for a few seconds. Then with your eyes open, you will have to guess who each one was . Try modifying the voice to make it more difficult!

Mathematics with license plates

If, in addition to fun games, you want to take the opportunity to review what you learned in school , this is perfect! Whether you are learning to add or multiply , you have to look at car license plates and remember the numbers. If you only know how to add, do it until you have the total, and if you also multiply, try both options until you find the result that is higher.

All in one

In this you will all sit in a line on the floor and link your arms . When you are ready, you have to try to all get up at the same time . The shorter ones will make it sooner, hold on tight without the taller ones pulling you down!

We Nadurines hope you like these fun games and that you spend an unforgettable afternoon with your family!


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