5 fun games to play with your dolls


Playing with dolls has a multitude of benefits for both boys and girls, since their purpose is to develop empathy, solidarity and responsibility with their environment, particularly with those who are most vulnerable. Therefore, today we leave you five fun games that will also allow you to work on new skills!

Fun and practical games with dolls

Doll games are generally associated with girls, since society attributes caregiving almost exclusively to women. Hence, babies and kitchens are the main protagonists for them, while children enjoy playing sports and playing at being heroes. If this is what we see from a very early age, it is understandable that as they grow, their interest remains in the same direction.

However, if we want to educate responsible adults and a society in which burdens are shared equally, both boys and girls must develop empathy from childhood . This is achieved through fun games with dolls or any alternative that also requires attention.

But in addition to values ​​such as solidarity , playing with dolls also enhances fine motor skills . That is, the relationship between the eye and the hands; With these fun games you will improve movement control and precision. Go ahead with them!

New clothes!

One of the most fun games that also helps to enhance motor skills is changing clothes . Plus, it helps them learn to put on and take off their own . In our store we have a lot of very pretty winter and summer outfits and dresses perfect for the size of our dolls. And they come with accessories too!


Before putting new, clean clothes on the dolls and dolls, they must give them a good bath! If you use the ones from our collection, remember not to overdo it with water , but when you do, it can be a very fun and enriching experience ! Once out of the water, don't forget the diapers !

Time to eat

Another activity that is very useful for fine motor skills is feeding the dolls. It takes some precision to place the bottles in the mouth and to bring the spoon close to it. If you want to make it easier for them, don't miss this beautiful high chair for meals!

Sweet dreams

And after bathing and eating, sleep always comes! To put the dolls to sleep you can use one of the cribs or beds that we have in the store, and to help them have sweet dreams, sing them a song ! Something that you know is worth as much as your own creation . Do you dare with this fun challenge?

Doll snack

Fun games with dolls don't always have to involve caring for others. It is also possible to spend time enjoying an activity and letting your imagination fly . So, if, for example, you play with the Nadurines dolls, you can organize a snack so that boys and girls can simply chat for a while. Ideas to help the planet, interesting professions such as scientists, researchers, doctors... There are thousands of ways to take care of each other from outside the home!

We hope you liked these fun games. Until next time!