And it's finally Christmas! A time that for us boys and girls equals two things: school holidays and gifts! These two weeks go by incredibly quickly, although for those who are looking forward to the night of January 5-6, perhaps the days become a little longer. On Christmas Eve, we had to run out to help Santa Claus with his sleigh , but it seems that the Three Wise Men also need us to lend them a hand. The camels have disappeared! Can you help us find them?

A surprise visit

After what happened with Santa Claus, we made the decision to go pay the Three Wise Men a visit . Our intuition told us that, just in case, and given that it is a very important night for boys and girls, it was in our best interest to make sure that they were organizing themselves well.

We set out for his workshop and discovered not one, but three different warehouses ! Of course, if there are three kings, it is easier for each one to be in charge of preparing the gifts of the cards they receive. Do you have any favorites? I, Neala, really like Melchior, but Petra prefers Gaspar; It's not very common to find someone like her with orange hair, so she chose him without hesitation. On the other hand, Malik, with tan skin, prefers Baltasar.

And speaking of Malik, where is Malik? Didn't he come with us? The same thing always happens to us! Well now we don't have time to look for him. Maybe he has decided to stay home at the last minute... Do you know that the Three Wise Men have taught us some of the things they are going to bring you? Our patience throughout this year will have a great reward!

We also wanted to meet the camels , it's a lot of work for a single night! and we always like to show them all our support so that they trust that they will do very well. But oh no! When we went to visit them they had disappeared! Where could they have gone?

In the least expected place

We toured the three stores far and wide, although we also have to confess that we stopped for a while to look at your toys ... But we promise you that we searched everywhere! Even if they are still a few days away and they have experience doing what they do, it is not a good time for jokes!

But then, our dear Sally who is all wisdom told us: “Boys and girls, we must stay calm… It is the only way we can think clearly and find out where they may have gotten to. Is anyone missing besides the camels? Have you noticed anything strange?

- Mmm, strange, strange... Well no, but Malik wasn't with us either..., -said Nil.

"Wow," Sally continued. And is there anything he and the camels might have in common? Maybe that will give us a clue.

- The only thing Malik does is sleep! If we always have the same problem! -Edison added.

"Well," Sally answered, "I think it's a start." Let's go to the stable and see if everyone is with the horses!

And guess what? There we found them all resting! And in order to perform well that night, they need to rest a lot before it arrives. But what a scare they gave us! Can you imagine that they couldn't go out to bring your gifts? We hope that you follow their example when Three Kings Night arrives and that you go to sleep soon. You have to rest to be able to perform with so many toys. See you soon and may they leave you whatever makes you happiest!