The best games for children at carnival

Carnival promises to be one of the most fun times of the entire year. We already learned why we celebrate carnival , as well as some games to dress up . But since fun always seems to know little, we wanted to learn more carnival games for children that we can do. Who to know them?

Games for children at carnival

Carnival is a very different time from the rest of the year. For those of us who come from another part of the planet where we do not have this type of celebrations, we find it totally fascinating. Boys and girls have always liked to wear adults' clothes, especially those of our mothers. Therefore, it is very curious when both children and adults put on a particular costume and go out into the streets to celebrate it.

Especially if we ourselves have designed our costume , or at least part of it, it is very exciting to show it to others. If you still lack ideas to choose your costume, remember that we proposed some ideas.

If you already have your costumes prepared, it is time to learn about some games for children at carnival.

Dance with masks

Mask dancing is a tradition that began back in the 15th century. However, even today some countries like Italy continue to celebrate it. Specifically, the city of Venice is popular for this dance, in addition to being built on water.

This dance can also be one of our games for children at carnival. The only thing we need are some masks that we can make ourselves with cardboard and EVA foam. Remember to leave two holes at eye level so you can see!

Costume contest

The second of our games for children at carnival is the costume contest. A very traditional game but one that never goes out of style, since every year we can see different creations. We have two options for him. The first of them is that of create your own costumes from scratch in the same contest. We could set a time limit for each boy or girl to make their costume with the materials that are available.

If we choose this option we must organize ourselves well to avoid any arguments when picking up the material. The purpose of games for children at carnival is to have fun. We must keep that in mind.

The second option for this type of games for children at carnival is to only do the contest with the costume that we have already made. We can make a kind of catwalk or better a kind of stage. Those who only prefer to show the costume can do so and those who are more daring can get into the role of the character they represent.

Guess the character

The third of our games for children at carnival is like a riddle but using items of clothing. As we explained in one of the options in the second of the games for children at carnival, we can start without being dressed up.

If we have materials available, we can take pieces or pieces of fabric and use them to give clues about the clothes the characters we have chosen are wearing. Viewers will have to guess who it is. Whoever guesses it will take the next turn and will have to play someone or something.

There are many more games for children at carnival than the ones we tell you about here. Let your imagination fly and develop them for yourself. You already know that at carnival you can be whoever you want.