The chained words game | Guaranteed fun

Now that we have reached the final stretch of summer and are in the back-to-school operation, it is a good time to strengthen our skills. With the chained words game we will improve our vocabulary and our memory. Let's play?

The game of chained words

  • It seems that the places have been emptied, right Darwin?
  • Yes, you can see that school has started and children no longer spend so much time outside the house playing.
  • Well, playing is very important. It is, in fact, the best way to learn that I know. Did you know?
  • An idea has occurred to you...
  • Clear! Do you know the chained words game?
  • Could be…
  • Well, it is a game that we can play at home and that helps us learn new words and improve our memory. Now that a new school year has started, I think it is a good idea to continue having fun while learning new things. Come on, I'll explain how it works...

Instructions for the game

The chained words game is very fast, but we can play as long as we want. So its duration is unlimited! To do this, we will need to be with someone; our brothers or sisters, dad or mom or anyone else.

We're going to play in turns, so when we're done going through everyone, we'll go back to the beginning. Like this in every round. The person who starts with the chained words game must say any word. The next person must say a word that begins with the last of the previous one that was said.

And what does that mean exactly? With an example we will see it much clearer. If I say “planet”, its last syllable is “ta”, since the word is divided into pla-ne-ta. Then, the next person would have to say a word that starts with “ta,” like “cup.” The next one would have the syllable “za”, like “shoe”. And so on. See how easy it is to play chain words?

Of course, you must pay close attention to the previous word to be able to correctly hear the syllable you are dealing with. We are not only remembering words but we are also using our attention.

What is not worth in the game

Any game has its rules, and the game of chained words was no different. First of all, we cannot repeat words that have been said. This means that you have to put your imagination and memory to work. Don't just stick with what you see around you, but you must look deep inside your head. You'll see how many words you find that you didn't even know you knew!

Another rule of the chained word game is that we cannot use the conjugations of the verbs or our names. It's also not worth changing languages ​​if we can't think of a word. With the exception that all participants know that language equally.

And that's it! That's how simple the chained words game is. The only thing we need now is to put it into practice. Forward!