The Nadurines video game is fun and educational

This application for smartphones and tablets was awarded the first prize for best video game 2020 and 2021 by "Premis Cactus".

It is specially designed to motivate boys and girls to take care of the planet while they play.

Numerous studies confirm the importance of the game , in all its formats, to learn good habits , for that reason, at Fun Surprises we are committed to teaching in the most fun way and adapted to children's tastes, how they can contribute to having a healthier planet.

The application is Free installation , available in the Android and iOS markets, has in-app purchases to expand gaming options.

The new update, released in March 2022, together with the developers 5th Element Gaming has resulted in the incorporation of a new section of interactive stories and more game options, making it one of the educational apps for children funniest and most complete on the market.


The video game consists of 9 mini-games and 6 interactive educational stories.


Play with your favorite Nadurines character, you can choose Neala, Petra, Malik or Nil. In this section you will find two types of minigames:
  • Action games to earn rewards:
    • runner "Save the Toris" , in this minigame you can use your favorite Nadurin to collect gems and save the Toris (Nadur's magical animals) that are caged.
    • "Turn off the light" With Malik, in this minigame you must turn off the lights in the rooms where Malik is not.
    • "Clean the lake" with Neala, in this minigame Neala accompanies you while you clean the lake of garbage.
    • "The ice puzzle" With Nil, in this mini-game you must help the arctic animals by assembling an ice puzzle so that they can reach their home.
    • "The recycling plant" with Petra, in this minigame Petra learns to recycle easily with Petra's instructions, each waste has its color!
  • Calm games to use earned rewards:
    • "Dress up the baby" , this is a classic minigame where you can dress your favorite Nadurin baby with the sets of clothes and costumes that you will win in the previous minigames.
    • "You go to the bathroom!" , choose your baby Nadurin to put him in the bathtub and pretend that you are washing him, the bath accessories are created with the rewards.
    • "Time to eat" , prepare a delicious porridge with vegetables from the garden and give it to your baby Nadurin Neala, Petra, Malik or Nil.
    • "The garden of the Nadurines" , this is a neutral space, of calm and serenity, because here you can grow your aromatic plants, fruit trees and vegetables with the seeds that you will win in the reward games. Create your own bath soaps with the plants you grow!

The rewards for the first minigames are:
  • Dresses, outfits, costumes and accessories for the Nadurines' "Dress the Baby" game.
  • Bath toys for the game "Nadruines to the bathroom!"
  • Seeds to grow in the game "The Nadurines' Garden", with which you will earn food to prepare porridge in the game "Time to eat" and create your own soaps for the game "Nadruines to the bathroom!"
  • Nadumonedas, these are a fictitious currency that allows you to exchange your points for exclusive discounts from €2 to €10 in the official Fun Surprises store to buy Nadurines dolls . The discounts have a monthly duration, from the 1st to the 30th or 31st of each month and cannot be combined with other coupons.


In the section of interactive stories with the Nadurines you will find 6 different stories, with which you can interact when your help is needed to achieve the mission. The stories are narrated with the voice of Núria from the children's YouTube channel Surprises Dipuestas, doing all the voices of the characters that intervene.

These children's stories tell stories in which friendship and love for nature can solve all the conflicts our characters deal with.
  • Story 1: Invoking the Wise Bird , with all the Nadurines.
  • Story 2: The Kingdom of the Two Prairies , with Neala and Darwin.
  • Story 3: An aquatic adventure , with Nil and Marie.
  • Story 4: The ancient forest , with Petra and Edison.
  • Story 5: The Uninhabitable Plain , with Malik and Sally
  • Story 6: Let's save Nadur! , with all the Nadurines.

Enter a magical and endearing world with our educational stories to promote the care of our environment and the importance of family unity and friendship to achieve it.

With this game we want boys and girls to learn basic actions to understand and respect nature. Furthermore, taking care of a baby is something that greatly influences their emotional education since it fosters empathy and responsibility.

Nadurines: Play and pamper the planet!

Download our App "Nadurines" from the Apple Store or Google Play!