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Nil Pack + Tale of the Nadurines

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Learn about the beautiful history of Nadur and the Nadurines with this pack. The Nadurines dolls have a lot to tell you and they do...

Learn about the beautiful history of Nadur and the Nadurines with this pack. The Nadurines dolls have a lot to tell you and they do it through their story, "The world of the Nadurines". Nil and Marie will come to your house with the story of Fun Surprises to live incredible adventures together.

*If you want the book signed by Núria, write the name of the dedication in "order notes".

Package Included:

- A baby Nil doll
- A Marie octopus plush
- A pack of 12 eco Carioca markers
- A booklet to activate your flash*
- The box is a dollhouse
- A story "The world of the Nadurines"


Nil and Marie are children of water and are in charge of taking care of everything that has to do with this natural element. Nil and Marie need you to activate their flash so they can take care of nature together! Learn more about the history of the Nadurines at this link. The Nadurines are a collection of dolls made in Spain, which are part of the famous children's YouTube channel Fun Surprises, they star in fun and educational stories in their videos.

Our educational dolls have a very important message for those who purchase them: Play and pamper the planet.

Nil is a 15-inch (full body) vinyl baby doll with short blue hair, Caucasian skin with freckles, and blue eyes. All our vinyl dolls are sexed. Doll and stuffed animal are made with high quality materials, their clothes have perfect finishes and OEKO-TEX fabrics. Manufactured in Onil, Spain by “The Doll Factory Europe SL” for Surpresas Dipuestas®.

*The dolls do not need batteries, activating their power is a metaphor to stimulate the imagination. Its use is not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

Book Synopsis
One morning, little Núria looked out her window. What was his surprise when he saw that the landscape had changed! In front of her was a crystal clear sea and a ship was waiting for her there. He put a map, binoculars, a pencil and a journal in his backpack, and went to explore a new world full of surprises. Everything he saw and learned from the Nadurines he left written in this book that you now have in your hands. Open its pages and get ready to learn everything about the magical world of Nadur and its inhabitants.

Characteristics of the story
Recommended age: From 4 years

Materials: Hardcover

Does assembly require?: No

Does it need batteries?: No

Size: 24.5cmx24.5cm

Weight: 0.6kg

Pedagogical values: Hand-eye coordination Reasoning Language Imagination Learning